Aandag: Susan Bodenstein


Ek wil graag met ander mense deel watter reuse verskil Susan se behandeling in my dogter se lewe gemaak het ,omdat ek weet baie mense kan werklik baat vind hierby.

Ons was die afgelope 20 maande van een dokter na die ander om hulp te soek met vreemde simptone wat my kind gehad het , maar ten spyte van bloedtoetse,kon niemand agter kom wat fout was nie en is ons van die een spesialis na die ander gestuur. My dogter se bloeddruk was baie laag ,sy was gedurig moeg, het gereeld naar en lighoofdig geword en haar hande was met tye ontsettend bewerig sodat sy op haar hande sou sit sodat niemand in die skool dit moet agter kom nie.


Met ons afspraak by Susan het dit dadelik aan die lig gekom dat daar ‘n probleem met my dogter se pankreas was en Susan het vir haar ‘n skokbehandeling daarvoor voorberei ,tesame met ‘n behandeling om die bloedruk te lig. Waar my dogter se bloedruk  die afgelope maande gereeld 80 oor 48 was, het dit gister na net 4 weke se behandeling , reeds op 110 oor 72 gestaan! Haar energievlakke is stukke beter die naarheid het dramaties af geneem en sy was in die afgelope 4 weke nog net 2 x lighoofdig, waar sy vroeer ten minste 3 of 4 keer per week lighoofdig was. ‘n Week nadat sy met die behandeling begin het, het haar hande ophou bewe!

Die verskil is ongelooflik en die beste van alles is dat die behandeling net uit natuurlike middels bestaan!


Susan baie dankie vir jou tyd, moeite en hulp – dit verander mense se lewens!



Rentia van der Bijl


Dear Susan

I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for your help, assistance and support during the past few months!

After being diagnose with diabetics 2, as result of high stress levels and being very overweight, I was very depressed and also suffered from anxiety attacks and could not see the light. Fortunately I went to see you and my life changed dramatically. Not only did you manage to balance my hormones but I have also lost 20(twenty) kg in a period of two months! Even though I have lost so much weight I do not have a problem with lose skin or flabby bags or any other side effects.  My diabetics are more controlled and I feel and look much better. I would refer any person with a weight problem to you, without any hesitation, as I know it is safe and it works wonders.

I sincerely wish you all the best with your work and I am looking forward to continue with our good progress!

Lots of Love




Congratulation SHE!!!

After trying every diet known to man you’ve succeeded in helping me to lose 28 kg over a period of 3 months! My skin elasticity has shown improvement and with my metabolism getting better I’ ve manage to keep the lost weight off! I can’t remember when last I had this amount of energy!

Thanks SHE For helping me find my balance at the age of 38, I look and feel 25!!

Ms. D. Sherman


P.S. ……I love your cellulite cream from the Bodycare Range, while concentrating on cellulite

It leaves my skin smooth and soft!


To all at Suarsi Health Enterprises

Where should I begin to say thanks……It’s now about 5 months ago when I visited Suarsi Health for the very first time, and me being a loyal supporter of pharmaceuticals I were a bit…….sceptic of my first encounter to the natural world….

You see I’ve been battling with a list of health issues that hemps my quality of live and being a 30 – something young female, there is stuff to do, places to see! Highly recommended I made an appointment and from first appointment the Impression left by me was one of amazement and gratitude, haven’t had service that good in years!

To my surprise the consultation included a full analysis of my system and an explanation of what to expect and experience while taking the treatment! It was here where I’ve decided to make use of their Alternative Treatment Cover Plan option and are visiting them on a weekly base really cost effectively!

My overall health has improved, my immune system is stronger. I handle my stress better and sleeping , pattern have improved! Even my loved ones and work associates compliment me on my improved temperaments!

I’ve managed to find the perfect method to balance my health and keep it balanced with the health partner I found in Suarsi Health Enterprises!

Thank you once again!

Sandton supporter


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