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Other than the basic skin care products, there are many special skin treatments available. Each of these treatments creams and gels has been designed to treat special skin problems.

Cleansing Cream

This is a cream cleanser that is soft on the skin.  It is for normal to dry and for mature skin types.  It’s antiseptic and helps prevent inflammation.  It softens the skin and removes marks.  This cleansing cream contains no soap.

Cleansing Gel

This is a deep cleansing gel for combination to oily skin types.  It disinfects inflamed skin where acne is present.  It gives the skin a good deep cleanse but it also leaves the skin feeling soft.

Refreshing Skin Toner

For all skin Types.  It improves circulation and reduces the little veins on the face.  It disinfects the skin especially on infected areas.  The borax in this toner helps to prevent infections.  All of the vitamins nourishes the skin and leaves the skin feeling shine free and soft.

Protective Moisturising Day Cream

This product is for all skin types.  It’s UVA and UVB protects the skin from skin cancer.  It also nourishes the skin and supports the metabolism.  Its anti-allergic ingredients help to soften the skin and help to repair inflamed cells.  It builds new cell tissue and reduces marks.  It strengthens the skin and improves elasticity.

Replenish Night Cream

This product is for all skin types.  This night cream builds new cell tissue and balances the moisture in the skin.  It nourishes the skin and has anti-allergic ingredients.  It helps to balance the pH of the skin.

Moisturising Exfoliating Treatment

This is a soft granules exfoliating treatment and can be used by any skin type and its active for all ages.  It softens the skin and improves the circulation.  It cleanses underlying layers of skin from impurities.  It has anti-allergic ingredients.  It nourishes the skin and is antiseptic.

Defined Wrinkles & Eye Repair Gel – Rejuvenation

With this product you improve the elasticity of the skin, especially around the eyes. Excellent for neck area and can use in winter time underneath your Protective Moisturising Day Cream and Replenish Night Cream to add extra moisture to the skin.

Miracle Definition Cream

Nourishes the skin and lightens uneven skin tone. Works wonders on pigmentation and sun damaged scars.

Hydrating Moisturising Mask

This has a calming and cooling effect on skin.  It moisturizes the skin and it is also a hydrating booster for the skin.

Skincare Drops

This product is available for all skin types, balancing the skin types and more advanced skin problems like sagging skin, elasticity, even the skin tone, wrinkles and skin texture from the inside.  It does this by supporting the muscle, ligaments and tendons, improving the absorption of nutrients and healing the skin from neglect.

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