SHE Alternative Treatment Cover Plan (ATCP)

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The specific need for prevention of disease is becoming more prominent and people are looking for ways to build up the immune system instead of waiting for the body to collapse.

Since we were able to do just that and provide for concerned individuals and mothers a method of looking after their health in a more effective and cost saving way.

Most health imbalances take a lifetime to develop and therefor it only makes sense that is not going to disappear in a blink of an eye! What we have done is analysing our client’s needs, listening to options they would prefer and have formulated the Alternative Treatment Cover Plan (ATCP). Depending on which plan you use,  you can have access to Solemnity Health Enterprises from 2 consultations – 6 consultations per month with up to 4 repeats per month!

How does it benefit you and your family?

With regular visits we can balance from minor irritations that cause frustrations in your health, poor energy levels, and poor immune system, etc. to the better vested or specific imbalances such as: back imbalances, heart function, kidney, pancreas, and more.  Not only can we prevent the imbalances, but also allowing the body a chance to balance these imbalances that cause a limitation on our daily lives!

Another aspect to consider would be the treatment of colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, tonsillitis, sensitivities and hormones, when you visit SHE the body finds its own balance and you don’t need to use your medical aid. With this statement so many of our clients still have funds left at the end of the year because we assist in balancing your body, and funds are not depleted!

Considering the facts and acknowledging that investing in your health will improve quality for you and your family’s life and saving you money why not make use of Solemnity’s ATCP to set aside a year in your life to take care of your health.  Contact us to find out more regarding the discounted prices on the family packages!

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*Please note that we are not registered Homeopaths or Psychologists.